Measurement Guidelines

Although we can do take-offs from blueprints, these are generally rough measurements and framing is often different from the blueprints. We find it more accurate to work from shape profiles, dimensional sketches and precise field measurements. Make sure to give consideration to any drywall added during construction and adjust measurements accordingly.

Crown Moulding  – Need room dimensions including the height of ceiling.

Columns  – Need height of area where Column will be placed.

Arch – When measuring Arches, three precise measurements are needed.

  1. The length of the total Arch being inserted.
  2. The height of the Arch.
  3. Width of the Arch.

With these measurements we can calculate Arch’s radius

Wall and Post Caps – To accurately fit Wall and Post Caps, we need the block size along with the Cap sizes.

Window Trims – In addition to height and width. Be sure to let us know if there are any nearby obstacles  that may interfere  with the Window Trim installation.